Qualitative medical market research simply runs in our blood and we are dedicated to offering personal care for our customers!

What you get out of this:

Pooled professional expertise – scientifically based knowledge – commitment to high quality standards – personal care and guidance throughout your project by one project manager = outstanding quality

Quality Assurance:

– Target-group oriented communication with physicians, pharmacists and nurses

– Patient life worlds & language in the medical context

– The caregivers’ daily practice

– Recommendations from key opinion leaders The changing health economy

Research Goals:

– Identify conscious and unconscious motivators

– Provide insights into emotional and verbal blockades

– Identify and overcome language barriers

– Review and analyse key opinion leaders  recommendations and health economic developments

Quality Assurance:

Qualitative medical market research operates according to the well-known guideline that “a study is only as good as its data."

As AFFINITY specifically focuses on moderating international projects, we would like to take this statement one step further:

“A study is only as good as its data… and a moderator is only as good as her simultaneous interpreter!"

AFFINITY is very aware of this responsibility and therefore only works with moderators and simultaneous interpreters whose primary focus is on qualitative medical market research.

In other words, only the best will be picked for central location or field work!

In our book, continuous education events in communication skills & moderating techniques as well as regular interview quality checks are an absolute MUST!

Personal Customer Care:

Does the following story sound familiar: You ask three questions – and get five different answers from four different people? If you feel exasperated by situations like this, you will be happy to hear that things do not have to be that way!

AFFINITY assigns you one project manager who will be your contact person throughout the project.

When you commission your project with us, we will thoroughly check the required medical expertise and moderating technique and then choose the project manager with the greatest experience and expertise in this particular area to support you and be available for your questions throughout the various phases of your project.